iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi
Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi

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Will I get the full quoted price?

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If your Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi meets the conditions stated by the recycler, you should get the full amount. If it doesn’t then the recycler may offer you a revised quote. Be sure to be honest about the condition of your tablet, to avoid the potential disappointment of your offer being lowered. If you aren’t happy with the amended quote, you’ll have the option of having your device returned to you.

Can I sell my Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi with water damage?

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This depends on the recycler. Some recyclers will gladly accept a water damaged tablet, while others will not. Be sure to check the terms and conditions before sending your water damaged tablet to a recycler. If your tablet does not meet the stated conditions, it may be rejected and returned to you.

Can I sell my Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi if it does not power up?

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Usually recyclers will accept tablet which don’t power up. Be sure you select the "Damaged" option and check the recycler’s terms and conditions before sending your tablet.

What happens to my Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi after it’s recycled?

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If your Apple iPad 5 (2017) Wi-Fi is in good condition, it will often be resold after being refurbished and fixed (if necessary). If your tablet is in a very poor condition or damaged beyond repair, it will often be stripped of its most useful components such as the battery, screen and circuit board. These components can be reused, and recycling them helps the environment by preventing harmful substances being dumped into landfills.